Uncommon Denominator is an early stage venture capital firm. We invest in consumer brands that hit a psychological nerve, software companies that help other businesses make more money or spend less of it, and occasionally in frontier technologies. The common denominator across them is an unusual skill-spike in one key area of the business. We aren’t simply looking to check the boxes on strong management, product-market fit and a solid sales strategy.  Uncommon Denominator is venture capital for uncommon companies.

A few investments made by our team:

Consumer Instigators

Dollar Shave Club Logo
Honig is F**king Great
Boxed Wholesale

We like brands that hit a psychological nerve

Need to Have Software

The Digital Skills Gap is Killing Productivity

Future Groundswells

Peter Thiel Invests in Lab-Grown Leather Company



Technology-enabled consumer brands with authenticity and marketing that hits a psychological nerve.


SaaS companies that help other businesses either make money or save money. Nothing in the middle.


Technology that rapidly closes the gap between a future vision and the present.


Below are selected investments from the fund:

Boxed Wholesale
Henry the Dentist
Payment Works
Spark Grills

Below are selected investments made by members of the team:

Portfolio: Boxed Wholesale
Brilliant Bicycles
Dollar Shave Club Logo
Portfolio: Klout
Portfolio: Locust Energy
Portfolio: Map My Fitness
Portfolio: Photobucket
Real Direct
Portfolio: Send the Trend
Stitch Data
Portfolio: Trusted Insight
Portfolio: Zeel


David Honig

Founder and Partner

Matt Evans

Venture Partner


Watch Partner Skiddy von Stade interview key business leaders as the host of the Onewire OpenDoor series:


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12 East 49th Street Floor 11 New York, NY 10017